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Beyonce Concertgoer Freaks Out Over Pokemon Go Player in Front of Him

Sia Notches Her First No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit with ‘Cheap Thrills’

Gwen Stefani Doesn’t Have the Range, Says Gwen Stefani

Katy Perry Urges the World to ‘Rise’ on Her 2016 Summer Olympics Anthem

BeyonceBeyonce Concertgoer Freaks Out Over Pokemon Go Player in Front of Him

One Beyoncé fan at the singer’s recent concert at Stade de France wasn’t impressed when a woman closer to the stage than him -- and only a few feet away from Beyoncé --chose to play Pokémon Go rather than pay attention to the superstar in front of them.

Beyoncé was performing at the stadium, which is just north of Paris, on Thursday (July 21) as part of her Formation World Tour.

"This b---- is finding Pokémon,” the fan behind the camera can be heard saying in a video clip from the show. “She’s finding Pokémon when Beyoncé’s singing. F---ing Pokémon! Look at where she is. Look at where she is. She’s next to the stage!”

“She's lucky Solange never saw her,” he captioned the video, which has amassed more than 28,000 views since being uploaded to Instagram.

Of course, his mood changed when Beyoncé flashed a big smile in his direction.

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Sia Notches Her First No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit with ‘Cheap Thrills’

Sia might have swung awfully close to that No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with global smashes like “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” over the past few years, but it took some “Cheap Thrills” to finally get her up to the top.

The song, featuring an assist from Sean Paul (his first No. 1 in over a decade — the Sean Paul revival is real!), successfully ousted Drake after his 10-week No. 1 “One Dance” reign on the Billboard Hot 100 charts this week, according to the official chart company today (July 25).

Sia’s “Cheap Thrills,” featuring Sean Paul, crowns the Billboard Hot 100 (dated Aug. 6), rising 3-1 to become Sia’s first Hot 100 No. 1 as an artist, while Paul earns his fourth topper and first in more than 10 years. The song unseats Drake’s “One Dance,” featuring WizKid and Kyla, which led the Hot 100 for 10 weeks, marking both the longest-leading No. 1 of 2016 and of Drake’s career.

The No. 1 win isn’t just a major win for the This Is Acting Aussie-bred singer-songwriter herself, but a historic victory for older artists within what is an otherwise youth-driven market.

According to an especially chart-conscious Billboard reader, it’s the first time a woman over 40 hit the top spot since Madonna, then 42 years old, released “Music” in 2000 — yes, a full 16 years ago.

“As Sia was born Dec. 18, 1975, she’s just past 40 years and seven months of age,” the site confirms.

And, after hitting No. 1 after 23 weeks on the Hot 100 charts, “Cheap Thrills” also makes its mark by tying another (even earlier!) historic run: “The rise to No. 1 on the Hot 100 for ‘Thrills’ is record-tying: it matches the 23-week ascent of Patti Austin’s ‘Baby, Come to Me,’ with James Ingram, which hit No. 1 on Feb. 19, 1983.”

“Cheap Thrills,” as was first reported when the song was released late last year, was originally meant for Rihanna. Rihanna’s team ultimately passed on the track. (Evidently, it worked out just fine in the end.)

“We did actually send it to her, but they passed on it, and then I just couldn’t stop listening to it in the car. For some reason, I really liked listening to it which makes me feel masturbatory, but I wouldn’t normally be just jamming out to my own tunes,” Sia explained to Rolling Stone.

Simply Siansational.

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Gwen Stefani Doesn’t Have the Range, Says Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani‘s This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour with Eve is now in full swing, which means the No Doubt pop icon is on her promo grind.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show yesterday (July 20), the “Misery” singer gave us plenty of truth — blunt, honest truth — about her vocal skills while discussing her collaboration with Prince over fifteen years ago.

Back in 2001, Gwen came to Minneapolis to work with The Purple One, then called The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, on a song called “Waiting Room” from No Doubt’s Rock Steady. Admittedly, she says, it was “super scary and intimidating.”

“I went in the booth and I did not come out for, like, eight hours…I was so scared because I’m not even that good of a singer,” she revealed. And while Stern protested Gwen’s statement (“I think your songs are hard to sing!”), she went in even further on herself.

“I’m saying technically, as a singer, I kind of have my style or whatever, but it’s not like I have a big range. Do you know what I mean? I can sing in tune, and I can hear notes, but he’s just like a genius.”

Did you hear that, Shirley Bassey? She doesn’t have the range.

Prince loved it, however, and told Gwen that the session reminded him of working with Wendy & Lisa.

“I’m just sitting there going ‘Is this happening to me right now?'” Gwen said.

The song ended up making the cut — listen to “Waiting Room” now — and that wasn’t the only interesting insight Prince had for Gwen.

The two first met years before while No Doubt was in town for a concert, where Prince came to see them play.

“He did tell me some interesting things, though. It was right around the time when Jennifer Lopez was putting out her stuff. ‘Waiting For Tonight,’ remember that song? I remember him, we all went out one night in a white limousine. He took us out, and he said ‘that’s your competition’,” Gwen revealed.

“I was like ‘What do you mean? That’s nothing to do with me? That’s Jennifer Lopez!’,” she laughed. “I’ve never told Jennifer that, hopefully she’ll hear. It was interesting. He just was up on everything.”

Jenny and Gwenny: musical rivals? They exist within the same general pop sphere, for sure…but I can’t say I really see that comparison, either. Still, fascinating.

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Katy Perry Urges the World to ‘Rise’ on Her 2016 Summer Olympics Anthem

Three years ago, Katy Perry went into her third studio album with a “Roar” (literally) and after releasing a bevy of irreverent party songs since then (“This Is How We Do,” “Birthday“), the prismatic pop star is back once more with another uplifting anthem: “Rise,” the official tune for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The Max Martin-produced track and Perry’s first single in two years was released late Thursday, July 14 on iTunes and Apple Music exclusively. Featuring atmospheric electronics, heavy, climatic beats and a high-flying chorus that soars into the stratosphere, “Rise” is a triumphant electro-pop anthem that speaks not only to the fortitude of athletes, but also to the resilience of humanity.

“When the fire’s at my feet again / And the vultures all start circling / They’re whispering, ‘You’re out of time,’ / But still I rise,” the California Gurl sings on the dramatic chorus.

“This is a song that’s been brewing inside me for years, that has finally come to the surface. I was inspired to finish it now, rather than save it for my next album, because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite,” Perry shared in a statement.

“I know that together we can rise above the fear — in our country, and around the world. I can’t think of a better example than the Olympic athletes, as they gather in Rio with their strength and fearlessness, to remind us how we ALL can come together, with the resolve to be the best we can be. I hope this song can inspire us to heal, unite, and rise together. I am honored that NBC Olympics has chosen to use it as an anthem before and during the Rio Games.”

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between Friday, August 5 and Sunday, August 21.Katy Perry is currently working on her fourth studio album, hopefully due out before the next Olympic games.

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